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Meet our Founder/Lead Planner, Ishita

Ishita first started planning events 10 years ago, back in 2004 as the President of the Multicultural club at Pennstate Hazelton. She successfully planned and executed several events such as multicultural fairs, talent shows, charity events to raise money for PennState Dance Marathon. Ever since her college years, Ishita developed a passion for planning & coordinating events. In 2014, after successfully planning and executing her own wedding, she decided to turn her passion into a career.

Ishita likes to stay updated with current market trends and has a creative eye, which helps her recreate unique events.

How Event Spell Originated

EventSpell first came to life when Ishita realized that planning and executing Events to perfection is not just an extracurricular activity for her, but a passion instead. The vision Ishita has for EventSpell is to build a company that can design and execute events in line with our client’s vision. Developing a bond with our clients prior to signing a contract to plan the most important event of their life is absolutely crucial for us. EventSpell is a company that thrives on the mere fact that we were able to make someone’s day and we get a sense of accomplishment when an event is successfully executed. Challenge us with any budget or design and visualize us bring your vision to life!